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[Paul Lismore] 5 credits: A good idea that would have been more acceptable with some pragmatism from the government

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 31 Août 2021

For once, I agree with one policy of this government: that you need to obtain at least 5 credits at SC before being allowed to join the HSC classes.

Yes, I could be all "caring" and stupidly romantic, and say that every student deserves to stay at college for as long as possible. But how could that possibly benefit schoolkids who find even the leniently and generously marked SC exams too difficult to obtain 5 credits? Are we not in danger of making them waste another 2-3 years of their lives when they could be using that time to perhaps learn a skill more suited to their aptitudes?

At a personal level, I have to admit that I was useless at college and found the company of schoolgirls in the vicinity of my college to be far more stimulating than listening to a teacher telling me how Shakespeare was wonderful, how algebra will open new horizons (although I have never felt the need to use it even once since I finished SC...), and all the other delights that education could provide me.

None of that mattered to me, and truancy had its special attraction that nothing else in college could provide me. College also of course introduced me to a world of silliness and laughter brought on by the magic of ganja, especially in the days when smoking it would be considered as worse than being a sex pervert or a murderer. " To ene fimeur gandia" was seen by some as the most offensive insult one could throw at someone else, and that in itself made the magical weed sexier and more inviting to teenagers grappling with their hormones and struggling to make the first tentative, affectionate gestures towards the fairer sex...

Anyway, the end result of that was the good hiding I got from my father when he read the letter from the Rector informing him how his son was behaving on the rare occasions he was at college. That soon got me studying again, and I thankfully obtained the 5 credits required for promotion to Lower 6

What I am trying to say is this: What is the point in lowering the standards if it is simply to allow more and more students to take part in HSC exams two years later, and seeing them fail abysmally if their SC results are anything to go by? I think that would be cruel, and a terrible waste of the time that these kids could have instead used for something that interests them and would make them better adults.
Yes, I have heard the arguments about so and so having not sat any exams and yet he became a billionaire. Excuse me, but what the fuck has this got to do with the fact that we have many schoolkids who, for whatever reasons peculiar to their own personalities and situations, find school to be a laborious, boring, and quite useless experience? 

Having said that, I do believe that Leela is definitely Leepala when she adopts such an intransigent attitude towards students who have failed to get 5 credits this year. With the huge disruption caused by Covid-19 to the school calendar and to lessons in general, the least that an intelligent politician could and should have done would have been a relaxation of the rules for at least this year: allow those with 4 credits to move on to Lower 6 classes if they so wish. But Leela provides really quite incontrovertible proof that she is quite stupid both as a politician and as a teacher for having such a closed mind. Definitely Leepala.

But when Pravind Jugnauth asks us whether "nou le bouz ver mediocrite ou nou le bouz ver l'excellence", one has to marvel at the man's incredible hypocrisy. It does make one wonder whether he is capable of the simple reflection that makes most people ask these questions:

1/ Eski to ban ki to apel "advisers" ban lexanp de lexcellence ou de mediocrite?
2/ Eski to ban nomines politiks p enkor travay dure pou donne nou ene nouvo definition de sa mot "kouyon" la? Pa bizin al loin, nek dire to gouverneur la bank Moriste tire so la tete depi en ba graines Padaleksi et guetter si to in deza truv ene pli gran idiot ki sa...Ou guet la guele Nilen Sipakisamy, Ken Arianus, et Rudy Veerachuchundar depi to prop PMO...
3/ Kan toi et Lady Macbeth telefone Anooj the idiot a MBC tou les zours pou dire li ki bizin met dan sa ggtri ki apel " Journal" la, eski zot truv limaz ene laureat ou ene bourik dan zot la tete? Kouma to kapav koz lexcellence kan to nomme ene Senior Grade 3, with no morality certificate, ki pa konne koz ou ekrir ni Anglais ni Francais, kom DG sa loka ki apel MBC la, ki nek renpli ar zom pitins?

Mardi 31 Août 2021

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