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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 26 Mars 2020

Those figures are really quite incredible. Either we are a land blessed with an inordinate amount of divine generosity or the figures being given out do not reflect the truth, which means we are being lied to. They certainly do not follow the pattern of infection in the rest of the world, where a geometric sequence of increase has been in evidence in almost every country. 

According to the WHO, it took 67 days for Covid-19 outbreaks to infect the first 100,000 patients by March 7. The next 100,000 were infected by March 19, a mere 12 days later.

By March 23rd, that number had crossed the 300,000 mark. Two days later, on March 25th, that figure had increased by another 100,000...The trend clearly is a growth pattern that follows a geometric sequence, where the previous day's cases are at least doubled on the next day. Except in Mauritius....

A daily increase of 4 in the last 4 days seems rather synchronised to me, esp as the increase doubled from 14 to 28 from 21st to 22nd March, and increased by another 8 on the following day. Since the 23rd, we have been told that there have been only 4 infectious cases every day, including today's figures. How is that possible?

Far be it for me to spread Fake News, or to try to cause alarm. I look at the figures and I would be surprised if others do not feel some concern when they see that we have somehow miraculously bucked the trend of global daily increase, and that God has either blessed us or the policies of our leaders have been so wonderful that Coronavirus is now shit scared to infect more than 4 of our citizens every day...
I am afraid that in a world of obfuscation and downright lies, the views of independent observers who also happen to be experts in their own field count far more than the figures recited with terrible monotony by some failed politician at a boring 'press' conference.

I have far more faith in Dr Deoraj Caussy's professional opinion than in the frankly ridiculous views of our politicians. An example of his expert opinion on the rate of prevalence in Mauritius:

"  J'ai beau alerter. Il y a eu négligence, faute, car dès le départ, les autorités n'ont pas traité la situation avec sérieux. Des dispositions n'ont pas été prises pour suffisamment de tests. La situation réelle c'est qu'aujourd'hui, on ne voit que le bout de l'iceberg. Les gens malades qui se rendent à l'hôpital ne représentent que 5 % des cas. Il reste 95 % de l'iceberg sous l'eau, c'est à dire dans la communauté, qu'on ne connaît pas puisqu'il n'y a pas eu assez de dépistage."

Yes, if you believe that 4 is the real daily rate of increase, you would be the sort of person who often looks at the sky and either loves to see pigs flying, or you actually see a fat man dressed all in red and sporting a long white beard who will bring you gifts that you have hankered for all your lives...

My advice to the zourlanus who attend these 'press conferences' and never ask any probing questions?

Whenever they tell you that we have had an increase of only 4 for the fourth day running, fall on your knees and shout "Hallelujah" or whatever religious incantation you use to find solace when expressing them. The politicians there will think you are praising them, and the puny little job of 'press officer' you have been pining for might become reality. Because no one looks a gift horse in the mouth. And our politicians are not stupid enough to ignore the donkey prostrating in front of them begging for his/her morsel...

Yes, we are now world leaders in the fight against this virus. Only 4 in one day? Even La Reunion had an increase of 21 yesterday! Nou ki mari! 

The 'figures' prove that, and only the anti patriotes will dispute them!

Jeudi 26 Mars 2020

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