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[Paul Lismore] " 2 journalistes mauriciens menaces de mort"? EOULA! Pa fer rier, do!

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 24 Janvier 2022

[Paul Lismore] " 2 journalistes mauriciens menaces de mort"? EOULA! Pa fer rier, do!
I love "La Kwizin News", because it often tells us things that none of our wonderful zourlanus are interested in or allowed to do. But sometimes it does get it wrong, and I am convinced that in this case, they have got it hopelessly wrong. Apparently, one of the two journalists is so scared with threats "depi la o" that he/she is prepared to leave this lovely island governed by "patriots" who love having orgasms either when checking their latest overseas account, or when wearing a pair of savate Dodo, or when filming his press officer swallowing a huge sausage...

Let me tell you my reaction as soon as I finished reading the article from La Kwizin News: " mo p poz moi ene question: sitan nou ena zourlanus soucerres dan sa pays la, kot pou gagne 1, never mind 2, ki pou fer lenket ki pou met zot la vi en danze? Sel danze mo truve pou nou ban zourlanus, c kan ene lezo poule Kentucky in tass dan zot la gorz kan p manze boir ar politiciens, ar Lee Ki Shim, ou ar ban gran patrons..."

Boukou dimounes poz la question: ki zourlanus dan Moriste ki fer politiciens peur? Et la reponse pa vini meme kan gratte la tete et tonkin pou 30 minutes...B li vrai, non? Name me one journalist/zourlanus ki fer oken politicien gagne le tartari avan li lire seki zot in ekrir? 

Nou nepli ena journalistes aster. Nou ena ban dimounes ki ekrir dan zournal mai ki pran zot plito kom ban showbiz stars, ki kontan zouer ar ene micro pou dimane ban questions bien banal, et ki gagne bon kan politicien la fer zot ene ti sourire. 

Laisse mo donne zot 2 lexanp kot zourlanus donne lepep kouyon "news" ki zot koir interessan mai ki bien rare donne vrai info...ou ki pa dire narien.

1/ A chap called Desvaux de Marigny was arrested for apparently manufacturing drugs in his luxury apartment. Any other incident of this nature would have zourlanus interviewing neighbours/relatives/ anyone who could provide some salacious details. Not in this case. Desvaux de Marigny happens to be white, happens to have a French passport, and therefore the ladies and gentlemen of the press perhaps feel they have to tread very cautiously...

He lives in a posh gated estate in Belle Vue Harel, and his neighbours are people who are giants in their own tiny little minds, like Dick, our zavoka Fu Man Chu, who still wants to play bhai lookhe and look at all our Facebook messages... Usually, ICAC responds quickly and asks for the assets to be frozen, but in this case, nothing....

2/ Today, arguably our most corrupt individual, the man who has ruined Champs de Mars and lined the pockets of so many politicians, Lee Ki Shim, was 'interviewed' by the CCID on allegations of having roving hands and sexually assaulting one of his female employees. The great Jangi himself organised the 'interview', even though the allegations are many months old, and one therefore can rest assured that the bajas served were chaud chaud and the best tea was served. Lee Ki Shim had Sailesh Seeboruth of Gavin Glover chambers as his barrister. No provisional charges, as usual, parski ene patriote sa! Mai baja la ti bien bon, mai Jangi, prochain foi met so di te dan Wedgwood Bone China Tea Cup parski graines nou ban patriotes dan so la main!

So, Lee Ki Shim was interviewed at CCID on a sexual matter today: 2 of the main things that interest our "free and independent" press: a "personality" and sex. And yet, not one word in any of our newspapers about this. Perhaps Lee Ki Shim's money is still too heavy in the pockets of our zourlanus, and they therefore find it difficult to even type his name.....

Alor, dire moi ene kou: Eski ena kit zourlanus/journalist ki pou gagne menace "depi la o", kan zot nek kontanm boir pissar depi la o? Zot ti guet kouma Nawaaz NoBuzz ti p fer gatee ar Ivan Collendavelloo a few hours after Ivan used his usual arrogance to be extremely condescending towards Al Khizzr?
Journalists around the world do a wonderful job and many have been murdered simply for being brave enough to tell the world how we are being governed by psychopaths and criminals. But please, do not put our zourlanus in the same category as the brave journalists around the world who face real threats.
Zourlanus Morisiens menaces de mort? As Denis Healey once told Geoffrey Howe in the House of Commons, " Being attacked by you is like being savaged by a dead sheep"....

The bite of our zourlanus is similar to that of a dead sheep....Alor, personne "depi la o" pa pou met menace de mort depi ban ki pa fer zot peur ditou..

Lundi 24 Janvier 2022

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