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Our Dear Island of Dementia

Rédigé par E. Moris le Dimanche 23 Janvier 2022

• On dementia island, the cells have openly revolted. They vehemently parcel their lands in droves, which they call IRS, PDS and what not, and are selling the island to rich foreigners at a pace one is barely able to keep up with. No one bothers to ask about the real environmental impact of these mass schizophrenic sales, or about the socio-cultural impacts, yet to be foreseen. Of course, the environmental impact assessment reports executed for these projects are bogus to the core, as these issued permits are massive windfalls for our kanjus chatwas in government. Some even got their licenses by calling these IRS, ‘Biotech Parks’, and, trust me on this, the only biotechnological exercise to be expected at these sites would be the distribution of cow dung on fields. Since it is profitable to many (governments and the innocent private sector). We sell, we sell, we sell….

• On dementia island, corals have formed a strange muck on their surfaces. Snorkelers are infuriated, and come back with more stories of underground deserts. How long one can reflect, will the Blue Bay Marine Park survive such an abomination? The situation is, and let us use the most popular words on the island, darkly alarming. Meanwhile, thanks to ‘our many friends’ on social media, pictures of beautiful sand, sea and sun continue to garner rave reviews, likes, likes, likes….. 

• On dementia island, health care costs are up the wazoo! A simple wound cleaning operation at a local clinic can pay a doctor’s fees for his/her child in Europe for weeks on end. Squeeze, squeeze the cow they seem to say. There is no regulation, no control, from the medical committees sitting royally on top, where the same sitting doctors also seem to manage private practices, and work in government, in a parallel show, fit for a circus. In brief, they eat a banana astutely, on both ends. Wait, and why in the hell would they allow control of the violent spike in healthcare costs. They are getting rich, bitch! The order of the day is bez casse plein ventre (show me ze money, fill bellies) money money money….

• On dementia island, the malls have formally entered the psyche of the masses. Bravo ENL and Mr Roundtree, and the private sector, you have totally nailed it!. Your cancer malls have finally eaten cru the local businesses. In the garb of being environmentally friendly, with a few solar panels here and there, you have won hearts and awards, and meanwhile, you hike the prices of basic foodstuff without any pitier whatsoever,..hike, hike, hike……. 

• On dementia island, our gas prices compete neck and neck with those in rich fat western countries, whilst we continue to earn in rupees, wearing a shawl called, suffocated by inflation. Meanwhile the government, we are told, are covering their bases by shuffling money from its coffers to their investment wings, to cover this single hard fact. And what fact you may ask: deficit and debt are slowly consuming us. Foreign investment is sharply down and unemployment will soon come to a theatre near us, us, us, us.

• On dementia island, suddenly some cells in the ministry have hit on a jackpot. In such emergency situations they devised a brilliant truly Machiavelli idea of hiking the price of covid doses, which one could actually buy from India for 7 cents.  One can read their minds: let us do it quick as le public are stressed and down on their knees, and will barely notice. The price suggested per dose at local pharmacies, was to be 60-70 rupees. The gullible public would obviously have paid for it, and some in government, would have finally got to buy those new limousines, hip hip hip. That means, whilst the country is in a deep red zone, their bank accounts will be green, green, green…….. 

• On dementia island, the coastal ecosystem is barely recovering from a massive oil spill, yet the Ministry of utmost idiocy, has nothing to say on the state of the recovery. No data is published, and no clarity is provided on the imminence of another event. Meanwhile, Stanford University, with some local Mauritian researchers, publishes a critical article on what needs to change with our emergency response planning, but the press totally ignores it, as there as other pressing trivial pallabres to talk about. The government misses it, and as to be expected, shows no interest in seminal research, and instead, everyone is happy to watch the weekly tamasha of premier league games. Got to get those priorities right! What would we have to say, some would say, we have enough on our plates to worry, worry, worry….

Dimanche 23 Janvier 2022

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