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[Mr Fa Kim Sheet] The effrontery of Ameenah Gurib Fakim

Rédigé par Mr Fa Kim Sheet le Dimanche 27 Juin 2021

Profil page officielle Ameenah Gurib-Fakim
Profil page officielle Ameenah Gurib-Fakim
Go on LinkedIn and you will be surprised that she is now the latest rising celebrity. Good for her !

Features for Mauritius, hip pi pip hooray ! She promotes the banner of ‘great scientist’ to her name when she has not truly changed the course of science, but repeatedly published variants of the same themes again and again until she got attention.

Her friends in the private sector bubbled her up to such an extent that she became Miss L’Oreal purely for marketing and commercial reasons so a certain company could boost their brand. Sure, all is good, until you swipe the first layer of dust away from the subject. Her mediocrity during her time as president was truly legendary.

She spent government funds on peccadilloes, travels for pleasure, and nonsensical conferences, and had no real impact on foreign policy. She was in office to please herself and her rich friends, and indulging her huge ego. A pity for the first woman president of Mauritius, what an impact, what a new course of direction, she could have brought forth to help kids. Instead she played a Frankenstein like trick, she turned out to be a complete satire of the image of this ‘great mind’ that was sold to the public.

In fact, to be very clear, this has nothing to do with being a ‘woman’, being a ‘Muslim’, let’s not shy away from the key issue at hand. She is a shrewd looter, an impostor extraordinary, posing as a great head of state when she has nothing to show, with track records of dilapidation of government funds, self serving to the extreme and passing herself as ‘first woman Mauritian president cum great scientist’ to further her own selfish agenda. There is something so ‘banana republic-esque’ about Fakim. It’s the pantin that has suddenly been spiraled to absolute heights, but turned out to be an empty egg, and so is now actively rebranding herself constantly to look ‘bright and shining’, hoping we would somehow get dementia, and forget her horrible little petty secrets. 

Africa needs truly high integrity high impact, deeply authentic leaders. Not self serving boot licking puppets. 

Please do stop the farce Ameenah, we know the intent! Not all of us get lost in big titles !!

Dimanche 27 Juin 2021

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