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Milky way

Rédigé par Luqmaan Fawdar le Vendredi 20 Juillet 2018

Look up, every star we see is in the Milky Way, the spiral galaxy we call home. The Milky Way holds every alien planet humans have ever spotted, and the billions more that likely exist in the galaxy. 

This picture was taken last week at Maconde on what i would call a "Starlicious" night.

It was truely spectacular, we could have easily spent the whole night there contemplating this beauty of nature. On a dark night, the dense plane of the Milky Way winds like a ribbon across the sky.

On a really dark night, in areas free from light pollution, that ribbon becomes so intensely spangled with stars that it’s possible to see the dark, dusty clouds of dust and gas deep in space that blot out their light.

What's breathtaking and freaky at the same time is that this picture consist of trillions of galaxies flattened!

We're very lucky, lucky to be born and raised on an island, an island called Mauritius where we still have some places isolated from light pollution 45mins - 1hr away! This is PRICELESS!

Now, still want another reason why i love life here?  
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Vendredi 20 Juillet 2018

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