Mauritius Medical Clowns Project : Head injuries again , with Terry the ukelele...

Mercredi 28 Novembre 2018

Sharon Juhl est clown professionnel depuis dix ans. Il est à Maurice depuis 2016. Il s’est spécialisé dans le clown médical et le fait bénévolement au Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital.

In the photo Terry the Ukelele modeling his  Stethoscope
In the photo Terry the Ukelele modeling his Stethoscope
Stories from the hospital#6.  

One patient - a young adult around his 30's is new in the ward. He had an accident few days ago. His hands were tied up to the bed in order to prevent unwilling movements (due to brain damage) that can hurt him. He looked to be in a bad situation.

So, I did something similar to the previous patient (check out hospital story #5.

But  instead of moving or creating any rhythmic small dance there was nothing but eye connection and playing music with Terry the ukulele.

I saw that he liked the music, and offer for the patient to play the ukelele. Since it was hard for him to move, I gently took his hand to strum the string few times, always looking  in his eyes and at his facial expressions, to make sure no pain is caused and that the patient is interrested in the action.

After few strums, I offered him to do it by himself, lying in bed with hands tied loosly to the side of the bed, and me supporting his hand infront of the ukelele. The patient moved his finger gently, trying to strum. After some trials, he managed to make a few strums by himself and really seem to enjoy it.

Later, seeing that the patient is starting to get tired from this, I finished the interaction with him. I will continue this activity with the patient another day..if he is not sleeping. 

Important Note: More than 50% of head injuries patients are from motorcycle accidents (please ride and drive carefully... its a long recovery!!)Please drive safely... or meet me in head injuries. 

Thank you Terry the ukelele for helping people to move.

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N'hésitez pas à encourager Sharon Juhl qui faute de moyen pour le moment, ne peut proposer uniquement au Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam National Hospital ses prestations à titre bénévole. 

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