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Is it ethical to have an affair with the wife of a zavoka, impregnate her,and then proudly show the photo of the baby to all?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 1 Octobre 2018

Is it ethical to have an affair with the wife of a zavoka, impregnate her,and then proudly show the photo of the baby to all?
Our zourlanus are really experts in oral sex. They will swallow anything from the thieves and the corrupt and then spit it out in their rags. We keep being reminded about  article 2.3 (a) (iii) of the  Code d’éthique des membres du barreau, which states that a «barrister shall not engage in a conduct, whether in the pursuit of his profession or otherwise which is likely to diminish public confidence in the legal profession or otherwise bring the legal profession into disrepute».

Now, let us put aside our prejudices and negative feelings about Sanjeev Teeluckdharry, a man whose big mouth is often his own worst enemy, and instead look at the facts. Is throwing a Report of the Commission of Inquiry into drugs in the air, a report that promised so much but which delivered not much at the end. and threatening to bin it such a serious infringement of whatever code of ethics our wonderful zavokas are supposed to abide by? Does it really merit suspension, or as some are salivating as they mention the word, disbarment? Really? 

Are our memories so short, so selective that  we are prepared to brush under the judicial carpet all the much more serious misdemeanours of our men and women in black, and which the Bar Council, that group of self serving ne'er do wells which functions more like a masonic lodge than a professional body, has always ignored?

Let me refresh your collective memories with a few example of 'ethical' behaviour by those in the Bar Council....

1/ A so called tenor du barreau who charged a client Rs 550,000 for a maximum 6/7 hours of 'work', work of such an execrably poor standard that the client found himself another lawyer....No wonder the 'tenor' now has the hairstyle of Sai Baba, another smooth talker with billions of rupees found stashed in the caves underneath his well guarded palace...

2/ How many of these 'ethical' zavokas are also freemasons? Is the current Chief Judge one? Was the previous one a freemason too? You see, this is a real 'Brotherhood' and protection and defence of the brothers comes before all other considerations, so the freemasons are the real nation arc en ciel on our island.....where the thieves and the corrupt watch each other's backs.

3/ I bet you any money that Sanjeev Teeluckdharry isn't a freemason. How do I know this? Do you think throwing a report in the air would have threatened his livelihood if he was a 'brother'? Eoula!

To continue the above point. many lawyers themselves say that the Bar Council is like a fortress for Blancs, the not so Blancs, Creoles, and the Soucerres Blanc, which naturally includes zavokas of all the other communities. because having a soucerre mentality is now really part of the DNA of Lepep Admirab....

You don't believe me? Check the FB page of an ex air hostess(sorry, I don't know the title of the male equivalent...), now a Senior Adviser to the PM and in charge of one of the many departments at Plaisance created specifically to feed the parasites. He posted a photo of the United Nations building, you know one of those picture post cards things...and he got more than 500 'likes'! Same reaction last week to a post saying just " I am at the UN"...

Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo used to have an even bigger response to all the crap he wrote on his FB page in 2015 with thousands of 'likes'...He now gets a handful of 'likes', probably from members of his family only, as people have seen what sort of person he really is.

Who is the Senior member of the Bar Council who recently advised his client to flout an order, despite a clear injunction. Was this 'ethical'? Bar Council so lizier dan so trou fesse? Yea Yea, bizin vrai, non?

You have heard of the Caunhye Commission on El Presidente and her delusions of grandeur, especially when it comes to public money. Herve Duval, El Supremo at the Bar Council and the embodiment of the new 'ethics' that the Bar Council has suddenly discovered, is a potential witness but yet is advising El Presidente. Is this ethical?   As counsel you need to be objective and neutral . How can you be objective and neutral and at the same time be a potential witness when you are advising the main target of the Commission?

How many complaints of sexual harassment have been made to the Bar Council, condemning the marauding hands of male zavokas? Why do some male zavokas believe they have a divine right to harass women or to grope them? Heard of any? Pena do! Ban anges sa! Zamai zot zouer ar zot Dick....

Remember the case of Anil Gayan when Lady SAJ took him to court over some allegations regarding jewellery and she won? Did the Bar Council do anything? Non do! Ene serviteur du pays sa!

Despite a multitude of allegations against Gulbul the Bulbul, have you ever heard of the Bar Council taking any action, or even contemplating any action against him? NO!. Instead, they appointed the Poison Dwarf on the Ethics Committee of the Bar Council! Hahaha! Ala ethics!

What about the Rs 1.5 millions in cash given to Rex Stephens/his chambers? As Rex Stephens has admitted receiving the Rs 1.5 millions in cash, which is a crime under FIAMLA, isn't the Bar council concerned about the ethical implications of this transaction?

As the Bar Council seems to think that the Lam Shang Leen Report is really the Bible, Koran, and Mahabharata rolled in one and is treating it with such deference and obsequiousness, why hasn't the same Bar Council called Trisha Ramloll following her evidence to that Commission? Is this how a lawyer should behave? or Shakeel Bhoyroo, transferred en douceur from the DPP's Office to the Attorney General's Office...Or Goolamaully or Hurrangee? or the chap with the stupid pony tail with arrogance and stupidity as his middle names?

Or do they enjoy the special protection of the Bar Council?

Despite the huge number of far worse examples of misbehaviour by our zavokas, the Bar Council finds throwing a report up in the air will bring the legal profession into disrepute? Many of us would contend that it should not worry too much about a reputation that is now hardly something the Bar Council should remind us of....Kan repitation deza kk, ki zes zot p fer?

As I said, Sanjeev Teeluckdharry has made it difficult for people to like him, primarily because of his big mouth. But is that an excuse for putting the boot in when someone is down?
The Bar Council is behaving like sadistic bullies in this case, I am afraid.


Lundi 1 Octobre 2018

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