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[Harish Chundunsing] Ses mémoires de la presse : Judicial and Legal provisions Act, much ado about nothing !

Rédigé par Harish Chundunsing le Jeudi 8 Novembre 2018

Harish Chundunsing est l'un des piliers du journalisme d'investigation à Maurice, il a officié dans plusieurs rédactions, du Mauricien jusqu'au Matinal. Il a formé ou contribué à la formation de toute une génération de journalistes. Les opinions exprimées par l'auteur sont les siennes et n'ont rien à voir avec Zinfos Moris. Zinfos Moris le publie dans le droit de la liberté d'expression et d'informations que les journalistes réclament sans à juste titre !

Much has been written and said about the recent amendments brought  by government through its Attorney General, Maneesh Gobin to the ICT Act enlarging the offences in the IT Act and providing for more severe penalties to potential wrongdoers.

While the intention is to stifle and nip in the bud all modes of dissent, however I don't agree with the panic reaction which has engulfed some in media and some of my friends who are very active on social media like my FB friend Hassen Ramjanally.

During my 23 years in journalism, I had had to climb the staircase of old Pamplemousses District Court on numerous occasions.

The then Commissioner of Police, Raj Dayal was weekly registering cases of 'publishing false news' against the defunct Le Mag, its editor Alain-Gordon Gentil and myself. We were dragged to court on numerous occasion. I never cried foul nor complained and  I am proud to say I was never convicted in any of the cases brought up against me by the then Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Mr Emmanuel Leung Shing.

As a matter of fact, in one case , I was let off the hooks by th then magistrate of Port Louis Court ,3rd division by the then  young magistrrate, Mr Satyajit Boolell! Perhaps,  I should remind my readers that Mr Emmanuel Leung Shing went on, shortly after his retirement to become A MSM candidate in Constituency No 2!

He was elected and was made Attorney General in the second MSM-MMM government in 2000. His primary loyalty was towards sir Anerood Jugnauth.

This is how he scuttled the work of the select committee on electoral reforms at the behest of his leader, sir Anerood Jugnauth to the utter dismay of his alliance partner Mr Paul Berenger.

As DPP, Mr Leung Shing acted as a political agent of sir Anerood Jugnauth prosecuting and persecuting latter's opponents while letting loose all his supporters and prominent members of the MSM party.

One vivid example is the infamous case involving Dr Dinesh Ramjuttun in 1987.He was the minister of Public Infrastructure and was accused of raping a minor girl. The investigators led by then inspector Bala Kamatchi ,with the active help of the DPP ensured that Dr Ramjuttun could get scot free .
Later, at a public rally at Riviere Rempart during the 1991 elections campaign, sir Anerood jugnauth stated :" Sa Ramjuttun la, si mo pas ti protége li, prison ti pour so place!"  Classic example of 'moralite na pa rempli ventre'!

Mr Leung Shing also agreed to a political deal being struck between the MSM and the PMSD for the vote on the budget of 1990. Leung Shing left for Reunion when the case was called to the Assizes and left it to acting DPP Keshoe Parsad Matadeen to file a 'nolle prosequi' in favour of sir Gaetan Duval!!
The then DPP also didn't act against then Prime Minister, sir Anerood Jugnauth when he threatened to 'bez' Harish Boodhoo 'coutte balle'during a public speech as then reported by l'Express as a headline!

Now compare it to the prosecution advised by the current DPP, Stayajit Boolell against the MSM president Shawkatally Soodhun. This is where the big difference lies!

Pravind Jugnauth and his cabinet colleagues can bring as many punitive  and restrictive legislations they want but they will not succeed in their evil designs until the DPP dances to their tune like Mr Emmanuel Leung Shing did during his entire career as DPP!

We are fortunate to have now a DPP who makes decisions based on facts and throws out malicious  cases being forwarded to him for prosecuton by the CP Mario Nobin's  and his sudordinates  like ACP Devanand Reekoye and Superintendent Manaram.

They are as we know doing the dirty work of the government. Reekoye and Manaram going to the extent of recommending no prosecution against Soodhun  in the threat case to be rightly overruled by the DPP! So, I am not scared at all by the legislations of Pravind Jugnauth and company.

I will say to them bring on more. The more the merrier!

At least the mask of the 'faux democrates' are coming down!

As long as Mr Satyajit Boolell remains DPP and their is no prosecution bill introduced in Parliament to clip his wings, I believe Mauritians have no reason to worry beyond certain limits.

To me, its a clear case of much ado nothing! On s'agite pour rien!

Jeudi 8 Novembre 2018