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[Harish Chundunsing] Ses mémoires de la presse : Disband the Media Trust Board !

Rédigé par Harish Chundunsing le Mardi 23 Octobre 2018

Harish Chundunsing est l'un des piliers du journalisme d'investigation à Maurice, il a officié dans plusieurs rédactions, du Mauricien jusqu'au Matinal. Il a formé ou contribué à la formation de toute une génération de journalistes. Les opinions exprimées par l'auteur sont les siennes et n'ont rien à voir avec Zinfos Moris. Zinfos Moris le publie dans le droit de la liberté d'expression et d'informations que les journalistes réclament sans à juste titre !

The Media Trust Board is a shame organization dilapidating  taxpayers money. The director is Chayman Surajbali. A very good person and a great sir Anerood Jugnauth fan and a prominent activist of the 16th mile temple!

He was also director of the Government Information Service before retiring. He ha also been Press adviser to  ex-minister Ramduth Juddoo for 10 long years!

Who are the other three elected members from the written press?

Vel Moonien 'un fabulateur par excellence' whom I have caught the pants down! He tirelessly and falsely  tried to implicate me in the murder of late Rajeshwur Indur. His writings are here
Les écrits ne s'envolent pas. N'est-ce  pas Moonien? 

He is working under a cloud with his buddy Rabin Bhujun, another beauty of the Mauritian press!

Kamlesh Bhuckory
The compulsive gambler Kamlesh Bhuckory who with more than 15 years in joournalism has yet to make a mark for himself. He was booted out by Bloomberg from South Africa for gross incompetency! No one takes him seriously in the press!

Jean Luc Emile
He wears the veneer of a competent and honest jorurnalist.However, his entry in radio raises some pertinent questions. He hands over his CV in the morning and in the afternoon he is hosting 'Le Grand Journal'! Mind you they all belong to the Le Défi stable owned by property tycoon  and ex-Khadafi admirer, Eshan Khodarbux .

The voting system at Media Trust is vitiated to  favour Le Defi Group who are allowed to field the number of candidates they want and to get all its employees out to vote their colleagues standing as candidates. So there is no room left for plurality.

Media Trust Board has just become an emanation of the Le Defi Group eating out public funds.

Is it acceptable in 2018 that such a travesty of justice be allowed to go unchecked?

Does anyone believe that the three above-named jokers have the intellectual capacity and depth to lead the Media Trust Board?

As an ex-journalist, I am ashamed. Are we living in a fool's paradise?

Will Pravind Jugmnauth open his eyes please and put some order in  what has become the preserve of Le Defi Media Group.

If the MSM owns something to Kodarbux, do we Mauritians have to pay for it?

The Media Trust Board is a sham organisation which is doing nothing meaningfiul to upgrade the level of journalism in Mauritius. This should have been its priority.

But holding bogus seminars and handing our attendance certificates seem to be top on its agenda.
Media trust board needs to be disbanded.

The law should be amended to limit the number of candidates one particular press group can field for open elections.

The joke has lasted for too long. Les  vampires et les cons doivent dégager le plancher!

Mardi 23 Octobre 2018

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