Drink like you give a fuck! / Drink like every other animal, with your mouth!

Rédigé par LPJ le Mardi 17 Juillet 2018

Most of us have seen or hold plastic straws at least once in our life, and we know how much it sucks! Nowadays, they come in crazy and bendy varieties. And, while many people use them daily, their 30 minutes of convenience have major hidden consequences. Beside their lavish colors, plastic straws are just as dumb as a second coat of paint.

I was recently in South Africa, walked into a modest restaurant and ordered a fresh juice. My order served, I got an extra of 20 seconds “human sharing” I call it. My young waitress with neat braids revealing her oval face shape, an epitome of black beauty to my eyes, stood next to me and preached;
“Ma’am we offer straw on demand and it’s a reusable one. We stopped offering plastic straws in our restaurant because we have learned that they take more than 200 years to break down, do harm to the marine lives and make people suck while we can do better. Would you still like to have one?”

I remained in awe for a few seconds before I give a response, “Obviously not, even if yours are reusable!” 

Came back to the island after three days and had a quick stop in one of my favorite fast-food chain to grab a fruit-shake which obviously comes with a straw! But this time, I refused. I thought of sharing the 20 seconds lesson and preached in turn. I felt like I got his attention, but before I could finish, he said:
“Madam, I’ll still need to offer you the straw”.

A real turn off! I insisted, and finished my lesson in another 5 seconds. 

It is in our hands to make of our world a better one for all, said Nelson Mandela, to whom I bow and pay tribute to on his 100th birthday, celebrations tomorrow, Wednesday 18th of July.

The next time we encounter a straw, let’s ask if we really need one? Or do we just sort of stir the ice cubes around in our glass? Providing a plastic straw with a drink is automatic in many restaurants and bars. For those straws that are actually used, it’s likely just for minutes. Then most are thrown in the garbage, which usually end up in the landfills and ocean. 

I know that many of us like a good smoothie, or don't trust the tops of cool drink cans, so here are a few sustainable alternatives that we can keep in our kitchen, car or handbag while supporting local businesses that are ditching plastic straws and using biodegradable alternatives; Bamboo straws by “The Strawz”. Colorful paper straws are so funky! Your lifetime and definitely a loyal straw made of stainless steel. Glass straws are also popular, if you wish. Great gift ideas as well! 

My pick, go back to your roots, just drink like every other animal on the planet - with your mouth! By making one sustainable choice, we can have a dramatic impact on the planet.

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"If we can’t say something nice, say it in French, I once read. Well, I wish! I’m no philosopher, not even a writer, just a mother and a hustling entrepreneur. I will be sharing short stories regularly which I hope will make some room for some ‘good thinking’. I know some will talk about my writings, others will make fun on my take on life and my friends will say that it is nice. But, since life is not a dress rehearsal, the curtain is up, the tickets are sold, I accept to take all the shots. Whether you are wandering, surviving, criticizing or discovering, I hope that you learn from my mistakes, and may it puts a smile on your face along the way.

p.s. I speak for myself."

Mardi 17 Juillet 2018