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[Diaporama] Carnet de voyage en Himalaya avec Arveen

Rédigé par Arveen le Samedi 10 Novembre 2018

Envie d'évasion ou de prendre le large ? Cette rubrique sous forme de carte postale et carnet de voyage, vous emmènera à l'autre bout du monde ou dans des endroits insolites grâce à la participation de globe trotteurs.

It has been six months on the roads, backpacking/mountaineering my way across the Indian & Nepali Himalayas, chasing awe and feeding my somewhat relentless personality. 

The journey started in Delhi. From there I dragged my 15-kg backpack and got on a bus for the Himachals, a 12-hour trip. By the way, the trick with any backpack is to use the straps and height adjuster and make it one with your back. Only then you will feel as light as a feather. Use things the way they were designed and stuffs get done more easily; this include how we manage and use our body, most of the time inefficiently. 

I contemplated the notion of testing my own in the days to come, fell asleep, and the first morning lights woke me back up, this time to the sight of the mentioned Himachal Pradesh. Perfect! Indians pronounce the name with reverential respect, and the tone they use often reminds me of the Urdu word ‘jannat’ - which means heaven. Though I cannot describe in details the sight of nature as I’m not skillful enough. One day I will try.

First stop was Kasol, tourist town. Feeling simultaneously tired and exited, I dwelled in a wave of consumerism for couple of days and then regretted it. I was reminded that I came as a backpacker and if I do not manage the holy-trinity of all backpackers’ expense diary(food-shelter-transport), my 12k MUR/month will not be enough, and it was exactly what happened in that first month: I failed. However it is a learning curve that one only gets better and better at.

Fast forward six months later, I managed to accomplish what I came for, and much more. I have completed the first part of my mountaineering course, learned how to rub malana cream, met people with ideas and experience to share. Of course that’s not all but writing everything up here will be lengthy, beside I am a so-called master-procrastinator. I love it! 

Mountaineering in the Himalayas will get you to the best physical shape of your life and if you add to it a tight budget, you will also dance to its rhythm, recite its mantras and wear its flowers. It will drive you crazy, dirty you, squeeze and twist you in all its asanas. Humble you, re-design the “i” in you, bring you back to simplicity.

On the other hand of this same spectrum, it will satiate the hunger and thirst of your body, and spirit. It has all the weathers, all the spices, all the fragrance and the best fabrics. 

It will show you that nobody is so poor that he has nothing to give; and nobody is so rich he has nothing to receive. And whenever you want to chill, I suggest to the world : Pokhara, because of its giant fat blue lake. 

And Bardiya, because my friend tells me they were four on a bike and they overtook a man riding an elephant. It’s like Africa there! And the nights are so silent that while contemplating the milky way, you feel a natural expansion to the world -  suddenly soil, human, stars, vibrate to the same frequency. 

Ah, and the magic mushroom there grows on Rhino poo.

Ask me questions on my insta(_of_wolf_and_man) about these destinations, I will gladly revert back.

[Diaporama] Carnet de voyage en Himalaya avec Arveen

Samedi 10 Novembre 2018

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