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[Diaporama] A drive around North Wales, Rattan Gujadhur

Rédigé par Rattan Gujadhur le Dimanche 12 Août 2018

Rattan Gujadhur left Mauritius for higher studies in the US in 1999. He has practiced in the Pharma and Biotech world for over 29 years and is a Dr in Chemistry. He remains deeply in love with Mauritius and has published reminiscences of Mauritius via a poetry collection and a novel

Drive from Manchester to North Wales

Drive from Manchester to Lalandudno after four intense working days, to the great Orne.

North Wales is Kashmir without the wars, without endless religious strifes that man regularly unleash without really knowing why.

The Welsh hold on to their fascinating Indo-language, like it is the pure air they breathe, as they have resigned themselves of not fighting the british for autonomy since it made no real sense.

I sense great kindness, great tolerance, in this noble people that is symbolized in the beauty of the place.

Driving away from Manchester there are endless reminders that the Irish Sea winds brutalizes the place by subduing it with unending cold winds in the winter seasons, but in the summer it opens it up like a beautiful bride.

Orme is time itself. I visited an underground mine dating 4000 years into the Bronze Age old, that is now a world heritage site.

It has enough evidence, 85 meters below ground, to show that early men used his pure vast imagination using sharp objects designed from animals bones to dig into copper ores at enormous costs to himself, to mine for copper, and eventually melt it in kilns.

Men had one aim in this gargantuan task, to fill: He wanted to conquer himself and nature. Nature in Wales is still unconquerable, to date. It’s beauty unmatched !

Dimanche 12 Août 2018

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