Décès de Alan Govinden : une lettre envoyée aux autorités britanniques pour qu'une enquête soit ouverte

Rédigé par E. Moris le Jeudi 4 Novembre 2021

Décès de Alan Govinden : une lettre envoyée aux autorités britanniques pour qu'une enquête soit ouverte
A la suite du décès brutal et soudain de Loganaden Govinden, plus connu comme Alan, le 3 novembre à la suite d'une maladie, l'ancien Attorney General, Me Rama Valayden a écrit aux autorités britanniques (Mr Graeme Biggar C.B.E, Interim Director of National Crime Agency of United Kingdom), au nom de la transparence et de la vérité, pour demander qu'une enquête soit faite sur le producteur du film, «Prisoners of Paradise», qui rappelons le, aurait acheté le terrain d’Angus Road du Premier ministre.

"Dear Sir, 
I am the former Attorney General, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Mauritius. 
Recently, for the first time in the history of Mauritius, there has been a spate of political killings. As a criminal barrister of more than 28 years of experience deeply involved with a team of lawyers which has been christened by the people of the Mauritius as "The Avengers" in the inquiry of the aforesaid killings, I humbly believe that all of them are linked one way or another because of high level of corruption by the upper echelons of power.

Mr Soopramanien Kistnen, a very close agent of the Prime-Minister of Mauritius passed away in suspicious circumstances on the 16th of October 2020. 

Following an in depth and arduous inquiry by a group of lawyers (called Avengers) which I coordinated, we managed to convince the Mauritian Police to change its conclusion from suicide to murder. 
Several others who were aware of high corruption dealings  by government officers or ministers have passed away in highly suspicious circumstances. The High Commission of the Republic of Mauritius is fully aware of the quasi mafia situation in Mauritius. 

On the 3rd of November 2021, Mr Loganaden Govinden also known as Alan born in February 1955, founder of 'AMG International Films' and 'AMG Film Ltd' passed away in the morning in England. Mr Loganaden Govinden was holder of a Mauritian and UK passport. 

There is an ongoing inquiry concerning Mr Loganaden Govinden and the Prime Minister Jugnauth in Mauritius which is being dilly-dallied  for political reasons. 

I have been informed that  ICAC (Independent Commission against Corruption of Mauritius) is inquiring at the rate of a lame tortoise since 2011 following several depositions by credible members of the Republic of Mauritius. There have been several Private Notice Questions and Parliamentary Questions before the National Assembly of Mauritius but to no avail. 

Recently, ICAC following public pressure wrote to the politically appointed Attorney General of the Republic of Mauritius for the latter to seek the assistance of the United Kingdom investigative agencies under the Mutual Assistance in Criminal and Related Matters Act.  

The quandary under the aforesaid Act is that the Central Authority is the Attorney General. The inquiring officer is designated not by the Commissioner of Police but by the Attorney General. This is a mistake I made when the law was drafted while I was Attorney General but when I was at the helm I never let things sleep for political reasons. Never! The Attorney General has not yet responded nor signed the letter sent to him by the ICAC. 

Basic facts about Mr Loganaden Govinden and Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth: 

- The financial scam concerns a piece of land of 1023 square metres allegedly bought by the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravind Jugnauth, Kobita Jugnauth and their daughters in a very yuppy residential area of Mauritius. 
- The Jugnauths are alleging that they bought the piece of land for 20 million Mauritian rupees when in fact it was bought by Mr Loganaden Govinden.
- The piece of land "belonged" to the rowntree which was sold to Mr Govinden. 
- According to some documents available at ICAC, Mr Govinden paid 20 million rupees in Patrick rowntrees account in London in 2001. 
- The deed of sale was never prepared and the Jugnauths were occupying the piece of land. 
- Matters were frozen, no legal documents and no inquiries despite several questions from different quarters. 
- In 2008, Mr Govinden asked for the deed of sale to be prepared under the name of the Prime Minister and his family. 
- The Prime Minister has said on a plethora of occasions that he has paid for the piece of land when in fact it is Mr Govinden who credited 20 million rupees in the account of the rowntree. 

I am at your disposal for more information if need be and any zoom conference with your investigators. 
In view of the multitude of deaths (names and circumstances will be forwarded upon request) happening in Mauritius, I am humbly begging for an in depth inquiry into the circumstances leading to the death of Mr Govinden. 

I fear that there will be a very thick cloud of suspicions around the death of Mr Govinden if no proper inquiry is conducted. And the cloud will dangled forever over the rule of law in Mauritius which is not conducive for any young democratic country.

I, therefore, humbly beg you to look into the death of Mr Loganaden Govinden in the interests of truth and justice. 

Without Mr Loganaden Govinden there will be a missing link in the chain of inquiry but documentary evidence available in England and Scotland will surely plug the holes. 

I thank you in advance and remain at your disposal for any information/clarification. I take the liberty Sir, in the interests of truth, justice and transparency to send a copy of the present mail to the Honourable  Home Secretary, Priti Patel, the American Ambassador in Mauritius and to the Mauritian Press. 
I apologize for any inconvenience caused. "

Jeudi 4 Novembre 2021

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Ca fera bouger les choses?

2.Posté par Caro le 05/11/2021 05:28
L escadron de la mort aurait il frappé en UK????

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