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Vendredi 30 Novembre 2018

Un message fort et peut-être assez rare sur la cruauté envers les animaux notamment en ce qui concerne les courses de chevaux à Maurice. L'association à but non lucratif ELI Africa a le mérite d'en parler. Zinfos Moris leur donne la parole.

We would be easily appalled by the disturbing video of a kangaroo fighting a man in a boxing match in Russia or dog fighting in Afghanistan. Many would find these immoral and cruel.

But, what about the situation here in Mauritius? How are we different to those people paying to see these match when every Saturday, race horsing takes place on the island? Why do we perceive one as being normal and the other revolting?

Cruelty is involved in each case and we cannot deny that each time we bet on horse racing, we are supporting an industry where animals are made to forcefully run while being whipped.

Not to mention all the money that you lose in betting and being addicted to the game. The probability of winning something is slim to none. Easy money is indeed tempting but earning money with hard work and without inflicting pain on any sentient being is a pride.

There’s still time to think different and make a change. 

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