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[Chronique de Paul Lismore] Paul Bérenger : The living proof that Albert Einstein was right when he defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 4 Juillet 2018

The man is simply quite incredible: imagine him as a sports car with a souped up engine.

[Chronique de Paul Lismore] Paul Bérenger : The living proof that Albert Einstein was right when he defined insanity as  "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
From 1969 to 1972, Berenger was always in fifth gear carrying a whole nation towards a new dawn of socialism, fairness, direct democracy, and clean politics, and all at a speed that was quite vertiginous at times.

From 1972 when he was having secret negotiations whilst in prison with 'dictator' SSR with a view to forming a PTR/MMM coalition, until 1982 when the MMM, in partnership with Harish Boodhoo's PSM won our first 60-0 elections, Berenger had rapidly shifted down from fifth gear to at best second gear, having been infected with a virulent form of communalism that he had the arrogance to call 'scientific'.
It has been downhill ever since,brought about by a weird mixture of a stultifying arrogance that has made him an expert in everything but the master of nothing and a stupidity that gets worse and more pathetic with age. It is really quite amazing how a party whose condemnation of the cult of the personality since its inception has been led for decades now by someone whose more idiotic supporters compete with each other to call him the 'leader of all leaders'. Kim Jong-un has been going green with envy in North Korea, and has tasked his scientific laboratories to find out exactly how this man has managed to convince so many arseholes to venerate him like a God...

Since 2005, Berenger has been stuck in neutral gear and the shiny, new sports car now looks like a battered old Morris Minor, but without the grace, refinement, and beauty of that old favourite. The leitmotifs of old about fighting corruption, increasing democracy, eradicating poverty, ene sel lepep ene sel nation now sound hollow and insulting when spouted by the man who has made communalism and dictatorship his warhorse in order to maintain his iron like grip on a party in the death throes of its last few moments.

I coined the term 'Berengeritis' before the last electoral campaign to describe a medical condition that compels an individual to utter the most grotesque inanities imaginable and still believe that the whole world will be impressed by the absolute wisdom that he alone sees in these utterances.

Berenger has now become the antithesis of Midas as far as the MMM is concerned : everything that he touches turns into shit, not gold. He cannot even organise a corrupt election for the CC and BP of his own party without making even the most abject, illiterate Mauritian shrug his shoulders and mutter ' li pa konpran narien sa boug la'...

Only a few souls lost in the distant fog of a long gone myth still believe that Berenger is a wonderful tactician blessed with an inordinately high I.Q. Facts simply do not matter to those pitiful individuals, and a once vibrant MMM Facebook page now presents a pitiful caricature of a party that once legitimately aspired to power and to change the lives of Lepep Admirab.

There are now more signs of active life at night in Cimetiere St Jean than on the MMM Facebook page, which is a tragedy. Many of us recall with fondness when it used to be a page full of bright, enlightening, and challenging posts, instead of the zombieland that it has become over the last 6 years or so.

Today's debacle over the composition of the Bureau Politique of the MMM was entirely predictable. Why? Because as the great 'democrat' that Berenger often says he is and which his zombies love to repeat, he did not like the results of the election! His little pets got a good kick up their backsides and the illness that has characterised Berenger's entire political life has once again turned yesterday's friends into today's enemies. Alor si rezilta election pa bon, bizin fer lot election ziska ki mo satisfe ar rezilta la!

I feel very sad that a once great party which carried the hopes of so many of our citizens is now in such a pitiful and lamentable state. Berenger is indeed a legend in his own mind. His genius resides in the fact that he has managed to convince so many zombies that any lie with a veneer of unverifiable plausibility rapidly becomes an indisputable fact, the more it is repeated. You really need a special skill to be able to do that for 45 years...

A real leader who has lost almost all credibility will do his best to galvanise his party by showing true leadership, accepting his responsibility for the numerous mistakes made, and fighting to reunite the party and to get back the large number of supporters who have deserted the party.

A real leader would. An idiot who has created a myth about his intelligence and wonderful personality with the help of his zourlanus friends for four decades won't. That is why the MMM is now condemned to become a small party. And the best that it can hope for at the next elections is an alliance with the MSM " dans l'interet superieur du pays"... The MMM on its own at the next general elections will not see the election of even one of its candidates. That is how desperate its situation really is now.

 As for Berenger, his incurable Berengeritis, and the saps who still believe that he is the leader of all leaders, I am afraid that Einstein would have added 'stupidity' to insanity if he had Mauritian politics in mind when he wrote that definition. Insanity cannot describe how a man keeps repeating the same mistakes for decades now, and still believes that the result next time will be different. That is not insanity; that is stupidity at its most pitiable and grotesque.
The tragedy is the zombies cannot and are not willing to face that sad reality.

Mercredi 4 Juillet 2018

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