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Avinash Bissessur exprime ce soir, le sentiment de milliers de Mauriciens après la conférence de presse de Pravind Jugnauth

Rédigé par E. Moris le Mercredi 18 Mars 2020

I have had the opportunity of watching the press conference of our so-called ‘Prime Minister’ earlier and I am appalled by the manner in which it was delivered. It was pure amateurism at best, sheer incompetence at worse! Your choice!

Firstly, we had someone who couldn’t enlighten us as to when these cases were firstly allegedly reported and secondly, when were these cases confirmed. Adding insult to injury, one of those contaminated with the virus had the leisure of roaming freely for days before he experienced the first symptoms prior to attending Candos Hospital for treatment. There is no need for me to draw the picture of the likely consequences of this occurrence.

The PM wants ‘us’ to believe that it is only now he has been made aware of these three cases?! Listening to him, as if minutes before his press conference? Surely this cannot be the case!!! Meanwhile, slightly earlier we had the Minister of Health on the national TV stating in no uncertain terms that there was no confirmed cases of corona virus in Mauritius and yet as a diligent minister he wants us to believe that he was totally unaware?! Shocking!!

In the same breath, the PM seemed to suggest that he was meant to have an earlier press conference. Ok fair enough. To talk about what exactly? What was the point of having an earlier press conference when in the later one no mention whatsoever was made as to what was the objective of the first one. He even tried to get the journalists on board as witnesses of his intention to hold an earlier press conference. Laughable!! In fact and in truth, the purpose of these so-called press conferences was to announce the three confirmed cases of covid-19 in Mauritius and yet he massively failed to deliver it in a pure statesmanship fashion. One would have expected the PM to call everyone to unite in these dire times and list down a series of measures paramount to the safety of our children, our most vulnerable ones let alone the population at large. Not at all!

No measures whatsoever have been announced as to how they intend to contain/ curve the spreading of this virus in Mauritius. The PM has been very evasive as to the testing mechanism in place and how he intends to deal with this unprecedented crisis. I firmly believe that more could have been done right from the start to protect our borders and our fellow citizens.

There is a great chance that there will be total opacity when it comes down to the protocol in place and the number of infected people. This situation is hideously complex and demands to be treated with the greatest degree of care and professionalism.

We need to make sure that we have enough test kits readily available so that we can detect the amount of newly reported cases and its progression thereon. Secondly, have enough medically trained staff coupled with the right medical facilities. Masks and sanitizers should be made readily available to our children and most vulnerable ones. As in all major cities around the world, there is a pressing need (as rightly put by ex PM Navin Ramgoolam) to limit access and free movements (temporary lockdown) and ask for the close down of all schools and universities, to mention a few, in an attempt to prevent this virus from spreading further.

I do not propose to do politics on this thorny issue but as a citizen of this country, I’d rather call for unity and pray that this virus is rapidly contained and that adequate measures are put in place to ensure the safety and well being of all our citizens and children.

The government needs to work hand in hand with the opposition party and most importantly with all the relevant stakeholders to combat this unprecedented crisis. The government should be open to suggestions made from the other side and be honest in its approach no to concede information. It is paramount to work closely with the international community and institutions to see to it the right protocol are in place in Mauritius.

From this press conference I’ve witnessed earlier, which I maintained was a complete disaster, I cautiously hope and I say so with a certain degree of humility that this crisis will be handled with all the level of seriousness it deserves. This is no time to play games. People’s lives are at stake here. Let’s work together as one nation to see to it that no innocent life is lost. Unity in diversity! Ene seul pei, ene seul nation, ene seul destin!!

Mercredi 18 Mars 2020

1.Posté par harley ithier le 19/03/2020 11:39
Am not sure what Mr Avinash Bissesur wants to accomplish with this type of article. That he is concerned it is understandable. To start to present himself as a 'donneur de lecon' and making unnecessary remarks and belittling the prime Minister is totally out of context and in fact only shows his ignorance of this worldwide pandemic. As a mere citizen, I respond that we should REFRAIN from 'alimenter' and thus creating utter panic by encouraging our fellow Mauritians to disregard the authorities and their instructions. The Press also should act responsibly and give real information. No place for Fake News and arrogant attitude vis a vis des autorites to the detriment of the population.

2.Posté par Mahen le 06/05/2020 05:50 (depuis mobile)
Well said about Hajee and all politicians from all parties. Although I am not a fan of Paul I think at least he deserves some respect.

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