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A government seemingly determined to self destruct and to follow the trajectory of lemmings when on top of a cliff : FALL DOWN !

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 16 Août 2018

Ben Horowitz, the well known American entrepreneur, once asked "What do you get when you cross a herd of sheep with a herd of lemmings? A herd of venture capitalists!". In Mauritius, the sheep are lepep admirab and the lemmings are the government it voted to power only 20 months ago, and which now seems incapable to veer away from the path of self destruction it seems determined to pursue.

A government seemingly determined to self destruct and to follow the trajectory of lemmings when on top of a cliff : FALL DOWN !
You want to know how bad this government really is?

Let us cast our mind back to 2005-2014, when Ramgoolam reigned supreme and opened up a new vista of unrestrained nepotism, an orgy of self indulgence and false majesty, and corruption on a scale not seen before.

Now, try to imagine all the bad things that Ramgoolam and his government did, and I bet you the only things that readily come to mind are his Rolls Royce and some cotomili fragrant woman (the safes came later, after he had been kicked out of power...).

What are the reasons for this enforced amnesia? What could have possibly kicked most, if not all of Ramgoolam's excesses into the hinterland of our collective memory, to be replaced by events so crass, so incomprehensibly selfish, short sighted, and corrupt that many people are now saying " Meme Ramgoolam pa ti kuyon kumsa! Mille foi li!"?

You see, what is happening now in our world of politics reminds me of the aphorism regarding fresh, natural, safe marijuana compared to the terrible dangers posed by synthetic drugs supposedly designed to mimic the effects of the real thing, but which end up frying your brains: Why bother with a copy when you can have the original?

People voted in December 2014 for the vrai sanzman which was promised to us; instead, we have had a sad, tragic display of incompetence at its most pathetic, of nepotism and corruption at a level not even experienced during the long, dark days of Ramgoolam's reign, and a pathological inability to learn from one's mistakes despite the terrible fate that awaits the members of this government should the master of a lot that is wrong and bad in this country, Ramgoolam, return to power in 2019.

You would have to be pretty thick if you just do not comprehend the extent of the vindictiveness of Ramgoolam if he gets the chance to exact his revenge on those he believes have harmed him....

I heard just now that the headlong , lemming like rush to oblivion by this government continues unabated, following possibly the worst nomination they have ever embarked on.

I won't mention the name as I am sure you can guess the identity of the individual who has been appointed as " Head of Corporate Affairs and Marketing" at that thing called Maubank, the Frankenstein's monstrous child created by Badinovsky, Wilkinson, and the Roi Kuyon when they demolished Bramer Bank.

Yes, my friends, the ace bullshitter, the notorious plagiarist is back, and I am sure the little platoon of women with a school girl mentality who believe all his bullshit will be changing their knickers when they hear the news....

The case against him at Moka police station has, I am told, been dropped after 3 years of the police doing fuck all; following a prolonged stint of licking Navin's arse, the Anhal decided in true opportunist fashion, that his very limited abilities can be better recognised if his tongue found another orifice, and consequently moved over to the MSM in late 2014 when it started to look that Ramgoolam's candle was no longer burning bright.

He even formed a new party recently, with a bunch of other idiots desperately seeking to present themselves as the National Voice; predictably, that party had a life span commensurate with the intelligence of its few members: very low.

For those who don't know what Maubank is, here is the gist of it :

In a so called état de droit, you send the army to surround the main branches of an existing bank, you get the help of rats only too willing to leave a ship sunk by the desperate salvo of a vindictive and quite idiotic political neophyte, and bingo! You have got yourself a bank, nationalised without one cent in compensation, you then flood it with taxpayers' money to the tune of billions of rupees, and you then use it as the main recruitment centre for the feckless, the incompetent, and the useless.

That is Maubank, in a nutshell.

And if you wanted to know how incredibly stupid and politically naive this government really is, have a look at their new appointee as Head of Corporate Affairs and Marketing at Mau Bank; and ask yourself what possible experience this idiot could possibly have in banking matters, apart from perhaps conspicuously using his bank card to show that he has a bit of money?

As for the marketing bit, fair play to him: I know of no one, absolutely no one who has managed to hoodwink so many politicians and to con so many people about his intellectual pretensions which are based on nonsense that he writes and which have been largely lifted from other sources.

If the man has shown any originality at all, it is in his uncanny ability to market himself as an intellectual who has the added bonus of being so keen on voluntary work, whilst ensuring that the camera is always focused on the garish T shirt of the day...

If the news has not been made official yet, I assume that the Lepep government is too ashamed to give us yet another example of its crude incompetence.

But I would have expected our 'free and independent' press to at least mention it, even if it meant finding a small corner on their 'incroyable, mais vrai column'...

MauBank has been repeatedly described by a few in government as aiming to become our second largest bank...which makes one wonder what is going to happen to the SBM...And a bank that is wholly controlled by the government can mean only one thing in our sad history of large scale thieving by our politicians and their friends with their avalanche of unsecured loans over many decades.

Rakesh Gooljaury must be having a hard on just thinking about the incredible potential for enriching himself further...after all, he managed to get over Rs 800 millions from the MPCB, the bastard progenitor of Maubank.

There you have it folks: the era of good governance encapsulated in the nomination of yet another dickhead. SAJ was shocked when he heard about the pony tailed one and his 22.3 million rupees for a bit of arse scratching.

The Financial Intelligence Unit continues to have as its President someone who has made every one sick with his arrogance and cupidity. And now we have an absolute idiot as Head of Corporate affairs and Marketing at the Maubank, which is owned by all of us.

I keep telling these people in government: WHEN YOU ARE IN A HOLE, STOP DIGGING! Unfortunately, this is the only thing they seem to have considerable expertise in: digging more holes, perhaps in the hope that we will ignore many of them and concentrate on the hole of the day...and Anhal is as big a hole as you could possibly get.

Jeudi 16 Août 2018

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